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I provide aerial and ground-level 4K and Full HD video production, editing, time-lapse, 2D/3D mapping, and photography for a wide range of applications and clients.

Drones capture photos and video at altitudes between ground level and 400 feet, where traditional helicopters cannot go, creating limitless possibilities for a variety of needs such as 


Promotional Videos | Commercials | Advertising | Action Sports | Short Films | Television | Tourism 


Agriculture | Construction | 2D Mapping | 3D Models | Engineering | Monitoring | Progress Updates | Insurance | Infrastructure | Cell Towers | Wind Turbines | Solar Panels 


Commercial | Residential | Resorts | Wineries | Small Businesses | Land | Golf Courses | Parks


Events | Competitions | Weddings | Festivals | Sports | Gatherings 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - How do I book a flight?

Email is the easiest method of contact. Either with the email icon or by completing the contact form, both from the menu. Make sure you include your preferred contact information and we'll respond as quickly as we're able to.

Q - What do you charge?

Each job is unique with our prices starting from $360.

For specific pricing for your project send an email providing the following details: - Details of your project or event (location, hours, type of event, the service and end product required) - Deadlines and specific date requests, as well as flexibility - Any known issues and/or restrictions - Your contact details

Q - Is a deposit required?

Yes. Deposits are required to secure your desired date and time for the shoot. Details for the deposits required will be defined in your quotation.

Q - Do you travel?

Yes. Travel costs are included in your quotation. Our 'Permission For Aerial Work' covers us for work throughout the UK and Ireland. We are happy to consider jobs further afield and will work in accordance with the local laws when abroad.

Q - Can I buy or download your images?

Yes. There are a selection of aerial images available on this site. Don't forget, there are also plenty of images on our social media that can be shared. Feel free to use our social media channels to make suggestions of images you'd like to see.

Q - What are the restrictions for your flights?

As a priority, we will always conduct flights safely and considerately, this is a core principal and is written into our operating manuals. We fly under 'Visual Line of Sight' rules; 500m radius and 400ft vertically from the pilot, subject to suitably clear conditions. Our drone needs to maintain established distances from structures and people, especially large crowds unless they are under our control or we have obtained additional permissions. With a bit of forethought and planning these restrictions rarely prevent us from obtaining the required images.

Q - Does bad weather impact your ability to fly?

Yes. Our drone cannot fly in the rain, nor when the wind speed is above 22mph.

Q - Can you fly indoors?

Yes we can, subject to sufficient space.

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