Biography - Kiran Mithra ♡ iShqification

Photography is my way of breaking away from my fast paced IT world. This is my way of being in the moment. It’s my way of getting closer to what I love. And it goes beyond, when I share those frozen moments with you all. It’s a kind of sharing my peace, happiness and beauty with everyone.

I started taking  photography as a passion from the year of 2011. I love to click whatever fascinates my eyes and senses. I am a self taught  photographer focused on Fine Art Conceptual genre. 

My style is intimate and a minimalist one. It challenges me to find the details of what is around me.  

My works are published under the name  'iShqification' , which is coined from my son's name,  Ishq. My life is all about falling in love with my son, which inspires me to see beauty in each & everything around me and when I capture it; that moment becomes a beautiful memory.

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